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Site News

Below is an archive of previous site updates. The entries are in descending order, with the most recent update being displayed first.


Has it really been eleven months since my last update? That's crazy! Anyways, college work is finally dwindling down and as such I've found time to add some new content to this severely neglected site. I also realized just how badly this site is in need of a redesign—it hasn't changed since at least the late-1990s and the now obselete HTML syntax really shines through (before moving to, this site was hosted by a local ISP; years before that it was on one of those free hosting services).

So, what are the updates, you ask? A lot... Specifically:

  • A couple dozen new photographs taken this year have been added. The new pictures are quite diverse and span a wide array of photographic techniques and genres.
  • More than half-a-dozen Flash projects have been added. Despite having a Flash section on this site forever, I never got around to adding any actual Flash projects until now. Check them out!
  • Several additional Photoshop projects were posted, both from this year and years past.
  • More free games have been made available for download. Previously, only the games that I developed between 2006 and now were made available for download. However, thanks to better hosting I am now able to offer some more projects for download—including some of which were considered long lost and/or remain in an incomplete yet playable state. Naturally, the quality of these older projects will be less than the four polished games linked to from the home page. I added one considerably fun and finalized game from 2005, Manik Minis, to the Finished Work section and a number of other somewhat buggy or incomplete games to the Downloadable Beta Projects section. Feel free to check these additions out, just don't expect them to be perfect!
  • A new still render of some poker chips and dice (hopefully more to come soon).
  • Various additional changes to various pages. This includes updating the assorted projects page, revising the side menu on each page, reviewing and correcting each individual page, and various other technical adjustments.


Amazing! It's been over a year since the last update... First, for anyone still visiting this site you'll have noticed it went down about a month ago and hasn't been around since then. I had some hosting issues but hopefully with a new host it'll be up and running stable again. Other than that, I've been extremely busy over the past year with various projects, school, and so forth. Hopefully my life will slow down a little for me this year, but I doubt it.

The biggest update is that I've just released a brand new, full-featured free game that I'm sure many will enjoy. It is a 3D remake of an old Nintendo action puzzle game known as Kickle Cubicle. The version I created (over the course of three months as part of a 2008 competition, although I just got it all polished up and released as v1.1 today) includes 85 levels spread across five worlds. Check out the official KickleC page for screenshots, downloads, and more! I'd welcome any comments or feedback about this or any of my other releases.

I'll try and sift through some of the models and such that I've created over the past year to see what else can be added to my gallery here, but that might not be for awhile since I have to get a few other obligations out of the way first. Again the big point of this post was first to announce that the site is back, and also to announce the official release of KickleC.


Another four months, and another quick update. College tends to destroy all most of the otherwise free time that one might have to devote to hobbyish side-projects like this. Another reason why I'm unable to post many new animations or applications for download is that with my existing host, the available monthly bandwidth is severely restricted. With the existing animations and games up for download, I find that my bandwidth typically runs dry by the final week of each month, thus disabling my site completely until the next month. So, I'm hesitant to post many more high-bandwidth consuming items at this point.

I've gone ahead and added thirteen recent short exercise renders and one general render to the gallery. Hopefully this year will give me more time to dedicate to this site, but I make no promises!


Well, three months later and I still don't have much of an update for this site! Due to current and upcoming endeavors of mine, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the time to devote to this site or to any of these "for fun" types of projects. I will try my best to serve up a more comprehensive update next time around; with more still renders, a new animation, more photography and who knows what else. In the meantime, I have added just a couple mediocre short exercise renders and one photo restoration project I worked on several months back.


It's been awhile, hasn't it? No worries, I'm still alive! It's just that since the last update, I've been severely sidetracked by a number of not-so-fun projects and haven't had much to show. Actually, I still don't have much to show. An update on the technical happenings in my life since the last update is as follows:

At the end of 2006, I ran into some significant issues with my long-time Registrar (Registerfly) and the various domains that I had registered through them. To make an incredibly long story short, my domains and approximately 200,000 to 3 million others were severely compromised due to fraudulent activities within Registerfly. Domains set to expire (several of mine included) still expired even after paying multiple times to have them renewed. Many lost very valuable domains in the process. It wasn't until sometime in March that I was able to successfully move all of my domains out of that place -- a lot of people have still had no such luck and several have lost tens of thousands of dollars trying. The dilemma is still very much on-going, you can read updates at: . So, AVOID REGISTERFLY.COM AT ALL COSTS!

After the domain fiasco was over with, I started exploring several job/career opportunities and assembling an online portfolio (separate from this site). I also started to work on several older external projects for the first time in several years, and these projects have kept me quite busy. Most recently, my primary hard drive started going bad and a fair amount of data became corrupted with no recent backups. So I replaced the drive a week ago and have been working on restoring years worth of data and applications (on the plus side, I did find a couple vintage projects of mine which I thought were for sure long gone).

All of this stuff that has gone on does not mean that I stopped modeling/programming entirely as of last December. In fact, I've modeled quite a few scenes and also began seriously developing a sophisticated 3D chat/game system that has technically been in the works for over five years. I just do not feel that most of what I've done is worthy of posting at this point, but a couple new renders have been added to the still renders gallery anyways. I also uploaded some raw in-game footage from my various games (including several unreleased) to YouTube.

Until next time...

Nine new "short excercise" renders have been added to the still renders gallery.


Well, it's been a month since my last update. I've added seven new renders to the still renders gallery (five short excercises and two general). In addition, I've updated the bottom of each finished project page to reflect some post-development honors (rankings and reviews).

I was also informed today that Packin' Plax is featured as the "Freeware Game of the Month" in the January 2007 issue of Britain's biggest selling PC gaming magazine, PC Zone! They devoted a page to the game, gave it a beaming review and also included it on their cover disk. You can read the full magazine review from within the Packin' Plax site (at the bottom). Packin' Plax will also be featured in the next issue of Germany's biggest selling gaming magazine, set to be published December 20th.

In other, less optimistic news, my previous hosting service has suddenly gone belly-up after just two months of service and so I've quickly had to switch to another (hopefully more reliable) host. There still might be hiccups occasionally until everything gets settled through this new host, and I'm sorry if the site has been down at times.

Five new renders have been added to the still renders gallery.

One very small typo was corrected on the Packin' Plax page, and I found a simple replacement render for the Bombzuka scene that I removed from the still renders gallery a week ago.

I've added six new "Short Excercise" scenes to the still renders gallery and at the same time removed one of the "General" renders. I also added a custom icon which shows up when you add this site to your favorites and so forth.

Tiny update, just fixed the incorrect "Propel Water Bottle" graphics and linkage in the still renders gallery.

Today I changed the splash screen slightly so that everything centers nicely regardless of resolution (both horizontally and vertically). In addition, several minor adjustments were made to the Animations page and the "My Computer" still renders were each re-rendered to fix a couple slight technical differences.

One new wallpaper (starring Pitfall Harry) has been added to the Photoshop section. For anyone having server problems when trying to access this site, I apologize and they should be cleared up very shortly.

After watching the dust gather here for a whopping 27 MONTHS, I have finally found the time and ambition to re-launch this beast! There have been far too many changes for me to list, but for starters some of the old and unnecessary sections have been completely removed while a few new sections have been added (including the all new Photography section). Three of my newest games are available for download, as are some new animations and many still renders. Under the General Projects section, you will now be able to see in-progress works of mine along with many of my lost and unfinished projects. Feel free to send me any comments through the contact form. Enjoy!

Today I started the tedious process of updating each and every page in preparation for the site's re-launch - as this site has seemingly been abandoned for years now! This is going to take some time.