Matt's 3D Repository
Matt's 3D Repository
Matt's 3D Repository
An Online Vault Showcasing My Past, Present, and Future Creations!


Photography is just one of the many hobbies I have outside of the computer scene. On this page I'll showcase some of the pictures (in no particular order) that I've taken over the past several years. Each picture has been compressed, cropped and/or and reduced in size from the original so there will naturally be some quality and details lost in the compression.

Click on any picture to enlarge it. When finished, you can click on the enlarged picture or close the new window to return.

General and Assorted

Dexter Park, WI Frosted Grass at Dawn
Half Moon Close-up Toad's Eye
Fall Colors Forgotten Bike
Frog 01 Dexter Park, WI
Farm Silo Eerie Farm Sky
High Speed Close-up Splash Ping Pong Ball Splash
Marsh Wildlife Trail Marsh Wildlife Trail
Fireworks Display Grasshopper 01
Colored Lights Colored Lights

Critters & Creatures

House Fly Squirrel
Ducks Butterfly
Butterfly 01 Butterfly 02
Dragonfly 01 Dragonfly 02
Frog 01 Frog 02
Frog 03 Frog 04
Rabbit 01 Rabbit 02
Wasp 01 Grasshopper 01
Spider 01 Squirrel 01

Close-up Flowers

Leaf Close-up Flower
Close-up Flower 01 Close-up Flower 02
Close-up Flower 03 Close-up Flower 04
Close-up Flower 05 Close-up Flower 06
Close-up Flower 07 Close-up Flower 08
Close-up Flower 09 Close-up Flower 10
Close-up Flower 11 Close-up Flower 12
Close-up Flower 13 Close-up Flower 14