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General Programming Content

This page will be used to index many of my existing, yet incomplete projects. If there are any projects still in-the-works, I will post an entry here. On-going projects may be given their own page once their progress is far enough along, but until then they will simply be listed on this page with a brief description and a screenshot or two.

In addition, you will find three sub-sections below consisting of "Lost Projects," "Unreleased Projects," and "Downloadable Beta Projects." I lost several years of my early work including some fully completed games. So, any lost projects that I still have information on will be posted in the "Lost Projects" section. Likewise, all projects that I still have access to but have stopped development on for one reason or another, which are not in any condition for release, will be published under the "Unreleased Projects" section along with additional details and screenshots of each project. Finally, there have been some games and applications that are nearly complete but still buggy or lacking non-critical features. I am making these available for download in the "Downloadable Beta Projects" section.

Lost Projects

Unreleased Projects

Downloadable Beta Projects

On-Going Projects

MicroWarfare (2D Multiplayer Action Game)

Project Updated: 08/27/2009
Project Status: 20% Complete

Description: A fun DOS game I used to play was known as Miniwar, and it allowed up to four players to battle on the same computer. The game was extermely simplistic in design, with small stick figures and a 16-color palette to work with. The game does not work on modern systems. I have been working on a new version for years, with the latest and greatest incarnation taking form in 2008-2009. My version will allow extremely customizable and expandable maps that can be designed in any graphic application.

Current Features

- Four player movement, firing, and health metering support
- Versitile map generator that reads in standard bitmaps to create map data
     - Three customizable foreground layers (including transparency levels)
     - One customizable background layer
     - One customizable middle layer (actual platforms)
     - Definiable elevators and platforms (can draw the path, set the duration, speed, colors, etc.)
     - Ice and Fire Special Surfaces (customizable fire damage)
- Package dropping system that creates new weapon packages and positions them accordingly
- Weapon selection system that provides a basic weapon and a selectable secondary weapon
- Several integrated weapons including lazer, teleport...

Da Worlds (Community Chat and Building System)

Project Updated: 05/23/2009
Project Status: 15% Complete

Description: The fourth or fifth completely redone engine for what I hope will someday be a simple but fun 3D chat and building system much like the once popular Active Worlds software. This has been a work-in-progress for nearly a decade, unfortunately time has not allowed me to work much with it.

Current Features

- Working client and server-based applications (map data, chat data, player data handled by server)
- Network capabilities that allow multiple users to connect and interact
- Player movement controls including moving and jumping (partially working on network)
- A separate configuration file for storing resolution, player keys, etc.
- A basic chat system which allows the sending and receiving of messages and status indicators
- Basic construction system (place/remove objects, color objects, scale objects, cycle models, etc.)
- General lighting and shadow capabilities