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2012: A new Little Eggy game is available for iPhone and iPod Touch: Download from iTunes

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In The Little Eggy That Could, you star as the Easter Egg. As the egg, you must make your way through each level while picking up all of the pieces of candy that there is to collect. After all of the candy has been collected, a Golden Egg will appear somewhere within the level. You must locate and jump into this Golden Egg in order to be teleported to the next level or world.

Being the egg that you are, you must be very careful during your adventure. Avoid falling too far before landing or you'll crack and break. Also, you will want to stay clear of all hazards that may appear such as lasers and hot plates -- or you'll instantly be turned into one very scrambled egg! In addition, be warned that stepping on a surface fan will propel you high into the air.

Throughout the game, you will encounter several power-ups which will prove to be valuable as you make your way across the levels. One such power-up will turn you into a temporarily hard-boiled egg so that you won't crack or turn scrambled if struck by lasers, etc,. Another power-up enables you to run at a much faster speed when activated. You also have the natural ability to double jump, which can prove to be both helpful or hurtful depending on how you use it.

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Some of the key features of The Little Eggy That Could include:

25 unique and increasingly difficult levels spread across five different worlds

10 different player characters to select from

Twenty different candies and candy variations to collect

Numerous power-ups and hazards spread across the levels

Time-based high-score system and unlockable worlds as you complete them

Customizable options for the controls, audio, screen resolution, etc.



This game was designed so that it should run virtually identical on all machines as long as the frame rate remains at 25-30FPS or higher. Users with high-end machines will be able to take full advantage of the uncapped frame rate, which will make game animations and movement appear smoother. For complete system requirement information, please refer to the comprehensive Readme file.


733MHZ Processor
16MB Video Card
DirectX 9.0C


2.4GHZ Processor
128MB Video Card
DirectX 9.0C
5.1 Surround Sound

System Requirements


[ This game may still work at specs lower than the ones listed above ]



The raw game files are ZIP-compressed, so you'll need WinZip or some other type of extraction utility to decompress the contents. Be sure to maintain the complete game directory structure when extracting, or the game itself will fail to load.

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The Little Eggy That Could v1.1
14.5 MB

Download Full Game (v1.1)

[ 1.0 To 1.1 Patch ]

[ Online Readme ]


10/10/2006 - v1.1 Re-packaged
> Modified Readme to include version number and Web site > Several file-name related changes
03/12/2006 - v1.1 Released
             > Added hidden option to manually adjust player turn sensitivity
> Added hidden option to display total FPS while playing game > Decreased default turn sensitivity a little
02/28/2006 - v1.0 Released        

Award Bullet7th Place (of 109)